Coupon Bootcamp: Day 1

Congrats on making the decision to pursue one of the easiest, most lucrative avenues of Internet Marketing that currently exists.   Over the next 2 weeks, you’ll be receiving a Coupon Reveal Bootcamp email every 2 days from us, walking you through the process of building your coupon empire.

First some house keeping –  make sure you whitelist our email address – so that you receive all of your bootcamp emails – they are very important to your success!

In today’s bootacamp class, we are going to be setting the groundwork for the next 2 weeks of work, and going into a bit of background on how coupons work, and why as an affiliate, they are pretty amazing.

Think of this as the PUMP YOU UP, GET YOU EXCITED, kind of lesson – because you SHOULD be excited.

You see, here is the secret behind why coupon marketing works.

If a web searcher is typing in a search for “store name + coupon code” – they are already sold on buying the item in question…  wouldn’t you agree?    No one is going to be searching for that phrase if they are still in the “I’m doing some research on the product” or “I’m just checking things out”.

No, if they are looking for coupon codes, they likely are sitting there with their wallets out.

In fact, in most cases based upon our research, many won’t even think to do that kind of search until they are literally going through the checkout process, and they come across a “Coupon Code” field on the shopping cart page or checkout page.

As an affiliate marketer, this is your MONEY SPOT, right????   You literally have a potential customer, sitting there, with their wallet already out.

You don’t have to convince them to why XYZ product is better than the ABC competitor’s version.

You don’t have to convince them of how it will make a difference in their life/business/health/relationship/etc.

You don’t have to convince them of ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have already decided they want to buy, and all they need now, is a coupon.

Enter you, mighty coupon hero, coming to save their day.   I mean, how could they NOT love you….   they found the product that will fill their need, and you’re going help them get it for less!

They find your website, and all they have to do is click a big “Coupon Reveal” button, and there ya go – you saved them some cash and made the whole process SUPER easy for them.

Its a win/win/win.

The merchant gets the sale, the customer gets a discount, and you get a nice fat commission.

All in a matter of about 2 minutes, and it required ZERO selling, or convincing on your part.

Just “Oh hey, you need a coupon?   I’m here to help, here you go!” and you’ve made the day, and your bank account has grown.

Pretty sweet, huh?

So in the next couple of lessons, we’re going to be going through the process of picking niches, choosing affiliate products to promote, setting up wordpress sites, and getting traffic to them.

Here is your homework for the next couple of days:

  1. Start thinking about niches that you enjoy to work with, or that might complement existing sites you have (if you have any)
  2. Things to consider when looking for products – they need to have an affiliate program, and ideally, they should have some sort of “coupon code” or “offer code” or “promo code” type prompt while going through the checkout process.   If you find a couple of products that you think you’d like to try out, do a test checkout (where you don’t checkout all the way, just add the items to your cart and see what shows up), and make sure they have the fields.   More people search for codes when prompted during checkout.
  3. If you find products that you’d like to promote but aren’t seeing any coupons published for them, reach out to the merchant or seller and ask if they have one they could offer you, or the big winner – if they could create an exclusive coupon just for you.


Thats all for today, hope you’re feeling pumped up and I’ll be back with more in a couple of days!