Most affiliate marketers who publish coupon codes are losing out on a huge chunk of their potential earnings. This is caused by:

  • Allowing visitors a way to copy the code without clicking the link
  • Publishing dead or invalid coupons
  • No time-frame incentive due to a lack of expiration date or a static expiration
  • Ugly layout or codes that get lost amongst text

And the #1 reason why visitors donโ€™t click on standard coupon codes…..

Studies show that most people search for coupon codes during the checkout process. The problem is, once they find a code on some coupon site and they โ€œclick to copy,โ€ what happens? A new window opens to the homepage and the annoyed visitor is sent to the beginning of their shopping process. Because of this, many online shoppers avoid clicking on coupon codes, opting instead to type the code in manually. And we all know… NO CLICK… NO COMMISSION ๐Ÿ™

So How Do I Compel My Visitors to Click?ย ย  Read on to find out….