Coupon Reveal Admin Screenshots

Let’s take a closer look at the Coupon Creator:


Choose between a horizontal (rectangle) or vertical (square) Layout.

The Size Slider lets you customize your coupon module to fit within any area.

Keep your coupons organized by assigning each one a Name that only you see within the Coupon Reveal admin.

Enter the actual Coupon Code.

Give your module an eye-catching Title.  For example:  “$50 Off Digital Access Pass!”

Enter the Monetary or Percentage Savings that this promotion is offering.  This text will appear in the gold seal that says “Save” so we recommend entering text like “$75”  or  “50%”

Choose from 4 Different Expiration Options:  1) A calendar will appear to choose a Specific Date, 2) Always show the Current Date, 3) Show the expiration date as X Days from the Current Date, or 4) Enter your own Custom Text.

Provide a more thorough Description of the promotion  (available only on the horizontal modules).

Coupon Reveal keeps you informed on the success rate of your coupon codes by sending you a quick Email Notification when a visitor reports a failed code.  In this section, you choose the email address where you wish to receive these notifications and how often.  If you enter ‘5’ in the # of “No” Votes field, you will receive an email only after the code has been reported 5 times.   If you enter “1” you will receive an email for every failed report.

Most important field… this is where your Affiliate Link goes!

Select the Type of Module you wish to display.  To learn more about each feature, please visit the Features and Demos page and scroll down to Coupon Types.

Choose a between a light gray or dark gray Background Color for your module.

Choose a Button Color (not applicable if you choose the “Click to Copy” Coupon Type).