Coupon Reveal is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that allows you to
quickly and easily add eye-catching Coupon Code widgets to your WordPress site.

SKYROCKET Your Commissions & Take Your Affiliate Marketing To The Next Level, Today!

  • Easy to install WordPress Plugin
  • Create Unlimited Coupons
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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How Much Would a 300% Conversion Increase Be Worth To You?

Coupon Reveal solves the problem of affiliate clickthroughs and low conversion rates – completely. With an elegant display that can be fine tuned to fit any theme or area size. Our testing has shown click rates increase on average by 300% and conversions can increase by 200% or more over sites that do not use our “force the click” technology.


My affiliate commissions quadrupled when I installed the Coupon Reveal Plugin – I made back my investment in the first hour it was live.

Eleanor Poppen


I’m really liking the Coupon Reveal plugin. You gave it a lot of features but still kept it simple and easy to use. No one needs to know a thing about coding. It’s easy to create the coupon and very easy to add it to your site. The size slider is so nifty and love the two orientations – horizontal and vertical. I think my absolute favorite thing, though, is how once you’ve added the coupon to your site, you can then tweak the settings in the plugin settings and the coupon is automatically updated. Love it. The end product looks professional and clean. Darn nifty plugin.


Beth Swanson


…my conversion rate jumped from 4% up to 28% after installing the Coupon Reveal Plugin – this is the real deal…

Shane Powell

Founder, Top Offer Codes

I can’t say enough about the Coupon Reveal plugin and how it has changed the way that I run promotions on my website. I can quickly and easily set up a new coupon that drives traffic and commissions like nothing I’ve used before. Before I installed Coupon Reveal my monthly commissions for one of my sites was around $600. After installing Coupon Reveal, it jumped to over $2500 per month and is growing month over month.


Jerrod Garcia

eCigs Promos

With an intuitive, user-friendly Coupon-Creator admin, this plugin generates simple shortcode which can be pasted in posts, pages, widgets or anywhere else throughout your site to display Coupon Reveal modules.


Lets Take A Tour Through the Features

Coupon Reveal’s extensive set of features, each one proven to increase click-through rates, improve usability and enhance the overall look of your website.

  • LAYOUT: Horizontal and vertical layouts allow you to create flexible, attractive modules that work within any space or dimension on your site. Simply paste the shortcode into a post, page, header, footer, sidebar or widget area.

  • SIZE: No 2 websites are exactly the same which is why the Coupon Reveal Plugin allows you to customize your Coupon modules to fit within any area. The sizing slider lets you choose the exact pixel dimensions of your coupon module, while showing you a real-time image of what it will look like. Horizontal modules start at 673 x 222, square modules start at 255×222. Both can be scaled down from there.


  • COUPON TYPE: This plugin offers 3 different ways to display your coupon or promotion:
1. Reveal CouponThe most effective choice for compelling your visitors to Click! this option hides the coupon code behind a button that says “Click Here to Reveal Coupon”. No more displaying the coupon code in full view where anyone can remember it and type it in without clicking your link. Once the visitor clicks the Reveal Coupon button, the coupon code will be revealed, a new window will open to the target web page, and you’ve just ensured your commission!
2. Activate Offer – Don’t have a coupon code? No problem. This option gives you an eye-catching way to advertise promotions that don’t require the use of a coupon code. Let’s say the company you’re promoting has just reduced their price by $50 and you’d like to send your visitors to that purchase page. By advertising it as a Special Offer they must “Click to Activate,” you are guaranteed an increased click-through rate. When your visitors click this button, a new window will open to the target web page and your affiliate referral will be logged with the sale.
3. Click to Copy – The good old fashioned method! For people set in their ways and like to show the coupons to their readers up front, this option presents the coupon code in plain sight, (no hiding behind buttons) and offers your visitor to simply “Click to Copy.” When they right or left click anywhere within the the coupon code box, the code will be automatically copied to their clipboard, the affiliate cookie is dropped and a new window will open to the target website.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Every module can be customized to fit your website in every way. We offer a dark and light layout option, as well as 6 different button color options.


EXPIRATION: One of our favorite features, is the ability to control the type and layout of the coupon expiration date.

  • Specific Date: If your coupon coupon has an actual expiration date, select this option and a calendar will appear for you to choose a specific date. You will be notified via email when the coupon code has expired so you can opt to renew it or remove it!
  • Custom Text: This option provides a text field where you can write descriptions like: “No Expiration!”, “Buy it Today”, “Expires Friday” or any other text you choose to display within the red bar.
  • Dynamic Expiration Date: The most effective method, this option creates a sense of urgency in your buyers by displaying the expiration as the current date, or a date that is X number of days from the current date (both are displayed in numeric date format). This Dynamic Date feature updates everyday so if you choose the “today” option, the expiration will always show that day’s date. If you choose “x number of days from now”, you get to choose how many days the X represents and the expiration will always show the current date + x days. Users have seen tremendous boosts in click-through rates using this feature as their readers want to take advantage of the deal NOW, before it expires.


  • SUCCESS REPORTING: For users who want to track the success of their coupons, we offer the ability for your visitors to submit votes on whether or not the coupon worked. After the coupon is displayed (and hence after the affiliate URL is loaded), the user is encouraged to vote “Did this coupon work? Yes/No” by clicking the buttons that appear on the module. These votes are tracked within the Coupon Reveal Admin and you can even configure how often you are notified of a failed coupon code. You can choose to be emailed every time a “no” vote is submitted, or you can specify a number of “no” votes that a coupon has to receive before it will notify you.



  • TITLE: Every coupon has a title field, which is the text displayed at the top of the coupon module. You can enter the name of the coupon here, or any other compelling text that will encourage the click. This text is limited in characters, but the font is sized dynamically as you increase or decrease the size of the coupon.


  • DESCRIPTION: Horizontally aligned coupons offer space where you can write a description of the coupon. Here you can specify any particular terms, usability instructions, or even just use it as an extra “selling” space for why the user might want to click and purchase this product.


  • SAVINGS: Each coupon has a gold seal where the coupon discount is displayed. This is entered as plain text so you can specify percentages, dollars off, or any other text that will fit into this field.


  • SHORTCODE: Once a coupon module has been created, a line of shortcode will be displayed at the top of the Coupon Reveal Admin. This appears as a simple line of code that can be pasted anywhere within your WordPress blog – pages, posts, widgets, footers, etc. Copy and paste, its as simple as that! The code is dynamic so if you make any changes to your module at a later date, there is no need to update the shortcode on your pages, they will reflect any and all changes, automatically.

The Coupon Reveal Plugin Is For You, If:


    • You currently own a blog, and do product or service reviews with affiliate links

    • You own or operate an ecommerce store or affiliate based ecommerce store

    • You own an ecommerce store and want to provide a way for your affiliates to promote your deals

    • You offer coupons for stores or services that you review or write about

    • You want to start a blog or website making massive affiliate commissions by reviewing products or services through coupons

The Coupon Reveal Plugin May Not Be For You, If:

  • You are wanting to build an exclusively, full featured coupon store and are looking for a coupon based theme to go with it. (If so, we recommend this software).


  • You do not review products or services, or advertise coupons for products or services – ever – and have no intention of starting.


  • You are already making plenty of money, and don’t need any new methods to increase your affiliate earnings.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If this plugin doesn’t SKYROCKET your click throughs and conversions, and you aren’t 1000% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days for a FULL refund – No Questions Asked. We guarantee you will LOVE the plugin, or your money back!

By making a purchase you agree to our terms of service.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

How are the theme files delivered?

You will be redirected to a download page immediately after payment is made.

How many coupons am I allowed to create for a single domain?

UNLIMITED!! As many as you want, there is no limit.

Do you offer a coupon theme?

Our software is not meant to compete with, or replace software, scripts or websites intended for 100% coupon based websites. There are some great scripts out there, if you are looking to create a coupon site such as,, etc.

Our plugin is meant to be an add on for blogs or websites that reference a special deal or coupon in its posts- as a supplement to an existing or new content or review based blog.

Can I share a license with a friend?

Unless you co-own the websites together, each domain owner needs to have their own license/account. Our licensing system does track logins and accounts may be suspended if we discover several logins from IPs in different locations.

If I buy a developer license, can I sell themes that I customize with Coupon Reveal?

Yes, the Developer license is the one you’ll need, if you want to put Coupon Reveal onto domains that you either don’t currently own, or that you plan to sell.